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JAPAZULU is dedicated to ensure that awareness on mental health is created. This is done through art, fashion . Our streetwear merchandise is of high quality and Carries inspirational messages customized for each client. Again, you get access to a professional on mental health issues and also get to watch videos from people who have coped with depression and how they coped with it. We hope to inspire everyone who comes across our platform and join us if you see the vision .

Our Story

Our story... It all started as a deep conversation amongst friends everyone being open and saying how they feel and how they cope when faced with depression or anxiety. And then it hit us why can't we do something to help others going through the same things ? And it led to the creation of japazulu (japa-run, Zulu-sky) the first brand in Cameroon to advocate for mental health.

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Philip Jones

Founder - CEO

Tata Brandon


Brandon Mokeba


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