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SIZE: 60 X 80


ELESSA; This artwork captures the essence of modern art through the depiction of a woman standing against the backdrop of a city. The painting, executed with a remarkable attention to detail, skillfully blends acrylic paints to bring its subject to life. Dominant colors of brown, white, and black add depth and texture, painting a picture of complexity and contrast. The woman, positioned centrally within the composition, is rendered with a high degree of realism, her features meticulously defined, suggesting the artist’s proficiency in capturing the human form.

The cityscape behind her, although present, is subtly rendered, allowing the woman to be the focal point of the composition. This choice highlights the artist’s intention to explore the relationship between the individual and the urban environment. The selection of colors, particularly the accent of blue, injects vibrancy into the scene, hinting at the dynamic nature of city life. from our vision

The artwork, rich in visual storytelling, seems to invite the viewer to ponder the narrative behind the woman’s presence in front of the city. Is she contemplating her place within the urban sprawl, or is it a statement on the isolation often felt amidst the bustle of city life? The painting’s composition, coupled with its thoughtful execution, makes it a compelling piece for those interested in the intersections of modern art, human emotion, and urban landscapes.



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